About Us

Lincolnshireeye tours are designed to appeal to travelers with a strong interest in history, culture, archaeology, the visual arts, and the performing arts. All tours are designed around three basic principles:

  • An expert tour leader
  • Maximum 20 in a group
  • Appealing to like-minded travelers

Our tours are carefully researched and developed over a period of time. We strive to cover not only the ‘must see’ sites but also provide a carefully curated selection of less well-known but equally rewarding experiences on every tour. We can do this thanks to the deep knowledge of our tour leaders, the measured pace of our tours and our network of contacts.

Here on our website, you can learn about Adventure Tours, World Travellers, USA, and Canada Trips, Europe Travel tips, Travel, and tourism.

We aim to provide high quality in all our services. Hotels are generally four stars, preferably boutique-style, in central locations. Where possible, we arrange private out-of-hours tours of popular sites to avoid the crowds and we reserve the best available seats to live performances.

Exclusive and unique events on our tours play a big part in bringing our Academy Travellers back to travel with us again and again.