Discover the Swedish Culture in Barcelona

Barcelona is at the crossroads of cultures, it is one of the things that make this city so unique and attractive. As you walk in the street, you will soon be hit by any more exotic cuisines as each other, people who speak different languages and shops that offer products and clothing of all countries of the world. We invite you today to discover the Swedish culture in Barcelona, as there are many restaurants, shops and cultural centers that highlight the excellence of Swedish cuisine, language and culture. Discover now the Swedish culture in Barcelona.

Discover the Swedish Culture in Barcelona

Where to taste Swedish cuisine

To taste the delicious Swedish cuisine in Barcelona, head to  Pappa Sven, where traditional Swedish cuisine is served daily. For 20 €, you can enjoy the smorgasbord, or buffet, which is the best way to taste a little of all that Pappa Sven serves to eat. Tasty Swedish meatballs, fresh salmon and mouth-watering grilled meats, all washed down with an ice-cold beer (or another drink). You can also try the menú del día (during the week) for 14 € which includes an entrance to the salad bar, the main course, a dessert, and a drink. tryPappa Sven and discover the surprising flavors smells and delights of Swedish cuisine.

Buy Swedish products

To buy Swedish food and groceries at home, visit Britta’s Nordic Deli & Sandwiches. Home-made Swedish specialties can be brought home every day to take home and enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen, or call ahead and call their catering service for your next party or event. When it comes to furnishing the house, the latest developments in Swedish furniture and decoration, other than Ikea, go to  Nordicthink. You can discover the latest trends in Swedish design and inspire you to decorate your home. Finally, we recommend Suecos, a Swedish shoe brand that manufactures comfortable and innovative shoes perfectly adapted to active trades.

To learn the Swedish language and more about culture, you can register for classes at the Internationella Skolorna Barcelona, a language school in the heart of Barcelona that also offers photography and art workshops. It has been offering Swedish courses since 2005 as part of the Swedish Foundation, enabling residents of Barcelona to discover and take part in Swedish culture through language learning. Internationella Skolorna also offers trips to Sweden with the school to practice the language and immerse yourself in a favorable contract. You can visit their website or go to school to learn more about registration and course planning.

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