Experience The Natural, Artistic, And Literary Beauty Of Spain With A Walking Tour Today

There can be no doubt that Spain is one of the greatest tourist attractions in all of Europe. Not only do the statistics support this, with millions seeing the sights there each year, but there’s just something about Spain which has made it a place to be, even among a continent of so many other attractions. Tourism is indeed one of Spain’s biggest industries. If you are planning on heading on over, you might well want to know how you can save on your trip, or else might just want to know what kinds of tours are available.

Walking holidays in Spain serve as the natural answer to both questions. They provide you with the chance to see some of Spain’s most celebrated regions while doing so on your own volition, taking in the fresh air of the Spanish countryside, and getting in a little exercise to boot.

Catalonian Tours

One of the most interesting things about Spain is the fact that the nation has had a long history of multiculturalism. While multiculturalism is a major focus of our 21st century world, the Spanish have experienced multiculturalism for more than a millennium. Nowhere is this truer than in Catalonia.

From the meeting of Catholic Spaniards and Islamic Moors in the Middle Ages onward, the region has been home to one the most complex social and political relationships in Europe. Catalonia is famed for its independent streak, however literal that may turn out to be in a political sense, and that boldness has shown itself in everything from the beauty of Barcelona to the uniqueness of Salvador Dali’s masterpieces to the beautiful Catalonian countryside.

Madrid and Northern and Central Spain Tours

Northern and Central Spain, as well as Madrid itself, have been lucky enough to be graced by some of the greatest authors and works of world literature of all time, and you can experience the sights that inspired such brilliance with walking tours of lands formerly trod by the likes of Miguel de Cervantes and Ernest Hemingway.

In The Sun Also Rises, a band of European expatriates make the trip from Paris through Pamplona to Madrid, experiencing many of the most characteristic elements of life in Northern and Central Spain from bullfights to fiestas and more. Of course, the area south of Madrid, La Mancha, is the home of a homegrown Spanish hero.

Miguel de Cervantes, Spain’s and the Spanish language’s equivalent of Shakespeare, set the immortal Don Quixote in and around La Mancha. To take a walking tour of Madrid is to walk along some of the same boulevards as Hemingway. To walk along the La Manchan countryside is to stroll along the same fields which gave rise to the world-famous pairing of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza for some of world literature’s most memorable moments, including Don Quixote’s famous tilting at the windmills.

We tend to like things customised to our satisfaction, especially in today’s day and age, which is why a walking tour that allows you to go at your own pace and make your own decisions is the perfect way for today’s tourist to experience the centuries-old glory of Spain.

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