Marmaris Excursion – Satisfy The Adventure In You

What’s your idea of a holiday? A few days of absolute bliss or days packed with never ending adventures and adrenaline rushing activities? Marmaris in Turkey would be the ideal holiday destination for you. Whether you love to lie on your back and observe time go past you or involve yourself in safaris and boat rides, Marmaris packs all that your heart desires, in extra large sizes.

Vacationing in Marmaris – start from the beach:

That’s the first thing that you have to decide once you arrive in Marmaris. The sunny weather would welcome you, the beach would beckon you and the possibilities of jeep safaris would lure you. Since it’s the beach that has earned Marmaris its place in global tourism today, we would suggest you to start from it. Spend a few days walking around the beach, getting sunbaths and soaking in the holiday mood. There are plenty of bars and cafes and restaurants on the beachfront to help you to rewind and also taste the local cuisine.

Now that you have rested your tired body and mind and regained your energy level, let’s move on to more exciting activities like Marmaris Excursions.

Get adventurous with jeep safaris in Marmaris:

Marmaris is unique because it combines spectacular sea beaches with splendid mountains and landscapes and amazing historical remnants.

Go off the beaten track in open-top jeeps and explore Marmaris. We promise, the excursions would enthrall you like they do other tourists.

To begin with, you can explore the countryside of Bozburun peninsula. On your way, stop at hamlets and get glimpses of local culture. The people of Marmaris would amaze you with their hospitality.

The Marmaris National Park is another exciting destination for its views. The pine-covered mountains are a photographer’s delight. You can swim in the waterfalls and walk on virgin beaches.

Don’t miss Pamukkale:

Yes, that’s what we would advise. Do not miss Pamukkale if you are holidaying at Marmaris. Pamukkale has a huge mountain which gets covered by white cotton flowers and you can imagine what a magnificent view it offers.

Apart from that, Pamukkale hosts other surprises too like a national park that is enlisted as UNESCO Heritage Site and the stalactites that has made the place so popular.

The huge stalactite formations are breathtaking. You can literally spend hours taking photographs. There is a hot spring where tourists love to take a bath. Get down with your families and friends and splash around for a while. The famous Cleopatra hot spring bath is located here. It would make you imagine how Cleopatra took her elaborate baths here that made her so popular in history.

Tour For history buffs, Pamukkale can prove to be a paradise. Necropolis and Hierapolis are two famous archeological sites that are wonders in themselves. You would feel that history meets nature here as you walk down the paths and learn the stories hidden behind each monument, pillar and walls.

Iclemer – another attraction:

Icmeler Excursions should also be included in your travelogue. The beach is fantastic and so are the views of the old styled houses that dot the old streets of this quaint place.

You will never have a dull moment in Marmaris with all these beautiful locations and loads of things to do. So create your own itinerary and let the fun begin.

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