Top 5 Foodie Experience In Barcelona

It is said the fastest way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach; it works the same for cities!

Barcelona has so much to offer, but we know the real reason you’re here is to get some of that seafood paella and tasty tapas! From dining experiences with locals to lavish dessert crawls to find the sweetest treats, this city has it all so leave the belt at home and take your taste buds on an extravagant journey through Barcelona. Have a look at these great foodie experiences in Barcelona.

Explore trendy El Born

One of the best ways to discover Barcelona’s rich and diverse culture is a visit to El Born, one of the trendiest towns in the city! Bursting with quirky restaurants and colorful bars, this town is known as the Soho of Barcelona and is a must to explore with friends. Enjoy a large variety of tapas at Golfo de Vizcaya and extravagant cocktails at Mix, a glitzy bar that doubles as one of Barcelona’s hottest nightspots!

Immerse yourself in a cultural dinner with locals

If you are looking for a fun traditional evening in Barcelona, what better way to experience the real Barcelona than to dine with locals! In this, you have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the Catalan culture as you are welcomed into locals’ homes to try authentic dishes, such as ‘pa amb tomàquet,’ ‘esqueixada,’ and ‘butifarra’ all while being serenaded with the acoustic rhythms of the region.

Shared with great company and even greater wine, the pleasing food and music will take your senses on a trip through the Catalan culture for a truly unbeatable experience!

Try a new way to dine at Dans le noir: a unique foodie experience in Barcelona

Lights off, forks up! Restaurant Dans le noirhas revolutionized the typical dining experience by offering customers a “dark dinner” in which your eyes take a break and only your senses of taste and smell are used to navigate your dinner plate. Through various meals and wine tastings, this alternative style allows you to discover new textures, flavors and aromas that would previously go unnoticed, opening up a new reality of fine dining. Professional chefs prepare a secret menu filled with quality and sensory dishes so you can try to guess what you’re eating!

Indulge in Barcelona’s sweet side

Let your sweet tooth be your guide as you explore the sweeter side of the city with locals! Visit chocolate shops, patisseries and cafes to find scrumptious delicacies that would make Willy Wonka proud while following a sweet aroma in the air as you go! Locals will introduce you to the best places to find all the favorite Spanish sweets, including melindros, crema catalana and more! I mean, who doesn’t want to know where to find the best churros con chocolate?

Food crawl through Barcelona’s old towns

As one of the oldest towns in Barcelona, Poble Sec offers a taste of tradition unlike so many others that have homogenized and now lack that gleam of authenticity and character. As you snake your way through its cobblestone streets, make sure you stop for a bite to eat at its charming tapas restaurants, such as my personal favorite, Rosal 34, or one of the beguilingly decorated outdoor terraces like Restaurante Oliveta to explore the delicious Catalan palate in an authentic and traditional manner. Sant Antoni is another town deeply rooted in the heart of Barcelona that offers hidden squares and outdoor cafes featuring some of the best delicacies in all of Barcelona. With its abundance of tasty dishes, your best bet is to go with locals on a gastronomic tour to hit all the best spots, but you better get there quick before the tourist mobs do!

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