Top Holiday Destinations for Brits in 2022

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For many Brits, warm-weather holidays are the norm, or at least were, prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. The recent introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passports makes international travel much easier, and generally fewer restrictions are in place.

Holidays to the USA

New York City remains one of the top holiday destinations for the USA, followed by Las Vegas and Florida. These destinations continue to be favourites among UK holiday makers for America. New York, or The Big Apple, as it’s affectionately known is popular all year round, with something for everyone. Whether you favour a broadway show, shopping or the festivities around Christmas and new year, New York has it all.

Las Vegas has always been a popular destination for Brits, mainly due to the party atmosphere and gambling that we don’t typically have on the same scale in the UK. This combined with the warm weather makes Las Vegas ideal for both long and shorter breaks.

Florida, while tropical in climate, tends to be so popular due to its Disney World location, close to Orlando. Ideal for families looking for that once in a lifetime experience while the kids are young enough to appreciate the Disney characters and rides.

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Keeping it local in Europe

While Europe isn’t on everyone’s list, it is always a clear favourite for Brits, with many destinations just a short flight away. During our summer months in the UK, it’s possible to get excellent warm weather in just a short flight. Perfect for a budget friendly getaway each year. Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and the Greek islands are proving increasingly popular for all-inclusive holidays, with great weather and amazing value food and accommodation.

While Turkey requires a slightly longer flight with an approximate flight time of four hours, closer favourites include Spain, Portugal and Madeira. These offer warm weather from Spring to Autumn with relatively short flight times, and great all inclusive options.

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Long Haul Destinations for Tropical Luxury

If you’re planning a trip to an exotic destination in 2022, it’s fair to say you’ll need a significantly longer flight to enjoy all year round high temperatures.

Dubai is a favourite with Brits, with scorching temperatures throughout the year. While the destination isn’t considered cheap, you’ll enjoy luxury accommodations, breathtaking views and amazing, record breaking structures such as the Burj Khalifa.

Beyond Dubai, you have the relentless luxury of the Indian Ocean and the Maldives. While the private resorts of the Maldives, nestled on tiny islands across the Indian Ocean, are on many people’s bucket lists; they can be a costly holiday, and are often just a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. Mauritius, situated off the east coast of Africa is also hugely popular with Brits, and can be considerably more affordable for the same luxury, tropical holiday.

For Brits looking for a slightly shorter flight, heading west to the islands of the Caribbean is a popular choice. The Dominican Republic offers the all year round warmth, with some fantastic value all inclusive options. While islands including Barbados and Saint Lucia take the Caribbean’s unique tropical luxury landscapes one step further.

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Staying in the UK

While there are countless holiday options abroad, with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many Brits choose to holiday in the UK.

Many Brits favour wooden lodges, caravans or privately owned holiday cottages. With beautiful natural scenery in Scotland, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the South West of England; it’s clear why holidaymakers opt for a holiday in the UK.

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