South America is a beautiful area to visit because it has so much history and so many interesting places to visit. You can opt for a backpacking road trip in Machu Picchu or for a shopping session in Buenos Aires, no matter what your traveling style is you will totally love South America.

Layers & Cozy Clothes

South America is well known for her crazy weather. You should take with you a waterproof jacket first of all, especially if you are traveling in the winter season when there can get a little bit cold. Pack your travel clothing and learn to wear layers, layers and more layers. Also keep in mind that in this area people don’t have central heating systems. In restaurants, hotels, motels or stores there is no heating inside.

Health & Medicine

Before you are going to South America you should get vaccinated. You should plan ahead and take all the healthy preventions before your vacation. If you are not used with the climate or the food you can get headaches, yeast infections or cramps. Just pack a medical kit with essential drugs and you will be safe.

Conservative Look & Safety

When you are traveling in the countries from South America is better to adopt a conservative and basic outfit. In your travel bags you should pack rather in terms of comfort and functionality and don’t think so much about the fashion style. Be practical and don’t get to much attention on you by wearing expensive clothes. Try to blend in and to avoid glamorous clothes and accessories.

Beauty & Make-up

For women South America is a miracle when it comes to beauty products. You can find all your favorite beauty brands in the major cities. So if you go with the intention of shopping you will have from many brands to choose from. You can find products from Lush, Burt’s Bees or Mac.

Sneakers & Flats

Sneakers or comfortable ballerina flats will always come in handy when you are walking around through the city. Cities in South America have streets made from cobblestones so some thin strappy sandals are not the best choice.

Have fun in your vacation, be careful with your health and enjoy the splendid South America!

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