Unequal Children in the Holidays

A quarter of young people between the ages of 5 and 19, three million children, did not go on vacation  [ 1 ] in 2011, according to a study by the Observatory for holidays and recreation for children and young people (Ovlej). Since 2004, the situation has not improved. 15% of them, two million young people, did not leave their homes, even for one night.

The rate of non-departure is particularly high among the children of farmers (46%), employees (31%) and workers (34%), the latter being much more numerous in the population as a whole. In senior management, going on vacation is a norm (widely reported in the media), it is far from the case for all other social groups.

Children’s holidays by income

One of the main reasons for not leaving is lack of money. Half of the children in low-income families (less than 1,500 euros net monthly) did not go on vacation in 2011. This was the case for only 6% of children who live in families with incomes above 4,000 euros. Rising prices for leisure accommodation (lodges, rentals, hotels, campsites, etc.) on the one hand, and the disengagement of local communities from this sector have largely offset the rise in family income.

Departure assistance on holiday unequally distributed

A little over a quarter of 5-19-year-olds whose annual family income is between 46,000 and 68,000 euros go on vacation thanks to works council assistance. Barely 6% of those whose family income is between 9,000 and 12,000 euros per year receive assistance from the Family Allowances Fund (CAF) to hope to leave their homes during solar holidays, none of those There is no help from works councils.

The population with the lowest incomes has no or very little help at the start, most often proposed by the committees of big companies (for example via holiday vouchers) which benefit more the children of the senior executives. As for CAI aid, they do not weigh enough on the incomes of the poor to reverse the trend. They support some of the less fortunate categories. But the situation is delicate for the less affluent populations of the middle classes, which are just above the ceilings of the Caf, at around 2,200-2,500 euros monthly for a couple with two children [ 2]: not rich enough to leave, but too much to get help. The case is accented for those who are in this case and furthermore do not work in a large company.

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