Barcelona the Third Largest Tourist City in Europe

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and economic capital of Catalonia. It is a destination rich in cultural heritage and tourist discoveries. With its climate conducive to holidays throughout the year, Barcelona has been a popular tourist destination for foreigners from around the world for more than two decades.

Barcelona the Third Largest Tourist City in Europe

Indeed, each year, in addition to the 1.6 million inhabitants, the city of Barcelona welcomes more than 27 million tourists. This affluence raises it to the third rank of the tourist cities of Europe, after London and Paris, and even gives him the title of “The city of the Prodigies”. The recipe for success: a city full of charm, art treasures signed by the greatest geniuses of architecture and art , and kilometers of paradisiacal beaches s .

However, a darker scheme has blackened this idyllic picture in recent years following the tourist influx of the city. These are the problems faced by the inhabitants of Barcelona, who find themselves sucked in spite of themselves in the infernal whirlwind of insecurity and rising prices, including housing.

Thus, new reforms were revised at the initiative of the town hall, so that Barcelona regains its balance of old, without losing its postcard image.

Tourism booming in Barcelona

Between sea and mountain, the capital of Catalonia contains breathtaking discoveries and has found a perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde. Tourists who set out to discover Barcelona are ready to discover an outstanding holiday resort, between history, architecture, gastronomy, and relaxation. You should know that several historical monuments in Barcelona are listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Among the unmissable for a stay in the capital of Catalonia: visit the medieval districts and the most beautiful monuments of modernism of the city that testify to the genius of architects such as Antoni Gaudi or Lluís Doménech i Montaner; tanning at Barceloneta beach; or a football match in the municipal stadiums. Added to this is the tasting of Catalan specialties, an outdoor movie night , or a shopping session .

The iconic Las Ramblas Avenue and souvenir shops are stormed by tourists shopping for gifts or taking a break from fast-food restaurants. Thus, throughout the year, the streets and beaches of the city teeming with visitors from around the world, making Barcelona one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A blend of culture that makes the destination famous, and a rich heritage that is the pride of the Catalan people.

A fame that is not unanimous

Tourism is successful in Barcelona and the sector generates more than 14% of the city’s wealth. Yet this tourist and economic success is not always happy. Indeed, the backdrop of all this agitation leaves a bitter aftertaste to some of the inhabitants of the city, because in the space of twenty years, the annual number of tourists has increased from 2 million to nearly 8 million.

The massive crowd that invades every nook and cranny of the city gives rise to apprehension at the level of the locals who have more and more difficulty living in such a situation. Between a rush all day long that continues late into the night or constant increases in the cost of living and real estate, this difficult cohabitation between residents and tourists becomes heavy. This has even pushed residents of some neighborhoods to protest against mass tourism in Barcelona.

Faced with this growl that threatens to be uncontrollable, the city authorities have finally decided to react in order to find a solution and relieve the premises in the face of the inconvenience brought by the saturation of the city. The Barcelona City Council thus brings a series of measures that are part of a strategic plan to reorganize tourism in the port city. These measures include, inter alia, the strengthening of police patrols or further reforms on real estate. After such decisions, we hope to see again the warm and enchanting soul of the city of Barcelona during the next visits.

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